Cashier Myricks – Some Safety Tips for Solo Women Travelers

The number of women who prefer to travel alone during their vacations is growing exponentially. Solo traveling gives them the freedom to visit the destinations of their own choice throughout their holidays. In these places, they can indulge in activities that intrigue them and taste the local cuisines. They even get the opportunity to learn about new cultures and meet interesting people in their journey.

Cashier Myricks – How can women stay safe when traveling alone?

Cashier Myricks is the CEO of Netcom 3, an Internet security company in America. He is an enthusiastic traveler and blogger who loves to share his experiences with others.  He enjoys visiting different places around the world to learn about new cultures. He has a website and enjoys a presence on various social media platforms. He provides valuable safety, budget, tour planning, and cuisine tips to travelers on these online platforms.

He says solo traveling during vacations can be a wonderful life experience for women. However, they expose themselves to many dangers when visiting new destinations without a companion. They become vulnerable to unwanted attention, groping, and indecent comments from men. In certain adverse situations, they might even fall victims to violent assaults. They even run the risk of falling seriously ill, getting robbed, or having an unfortunate accident. Fortunately, solo women travelers can remain safe by remembering the following tips:

  1. Keep all the money they need to carry in their purse when visiting new destinations,
  2. Ensure their valuable belongings are in their hotel rooms and lock the doors before venturing outside,
  3. Stay away from public demonstrations which are likely to become violent at any time,
  4. Do not trust individuals who try to be too friendly to help them out
  5. Only take out an expensive gadget like a camera when needed.
  6. Take out travel insurance for the duration of the vacation, and
  7. Avoid walking alone on a deserted street or getting on a bus with few passengers in the night or during the late evening time.

In addition to the above tips, women should always carry out thorough research on their destinations beforehand. Only then should they embark on the trip. They should befriend the hotel employees who will keep an eye on their rooms in their absence. It prudent for the women to collect the phone numbers of local emergencies and law enforcement agencies. They should even inform the hotel staff of their travel plans beforehand.  This ensures someone will come to their help in case they are in danger.

Cashier Myricks sums up by saying women can enjoy themselves and still remain safe when traveling solo. They just need to remember the above seven safety tips when visiting a destination alone. In addition to the above, they just need to remain calm, confident, and be on their guard. They should avoid blending in with the crowd whenever they go outdoors. It is prudent for them to call up a family member frequently to inform them of their whereabouts. Above all, they should keep a contact number of their nation’s embassy in case they need consular assistance during their trip to a new country.